Unit 3

1,438 sq ft (NIA)

Ground Floor
737 sq ft (NIA)

  • Food & Beverage

Unit 3

1,438 sq ft (NIA)

701 sq ft (NIA)

  • Food & Beverage

Specification Title


Single capped gas supply with maximum output of 64 kW – U6 Gas Meter.

Water Supply:

1 x capped 35mm (1.2 l/s max.) metered mains water connection with strainer, double check valve, drain taps and isolation valves.

Power Supply:
  • For A3 usage, 200A TP&N supply with a diversified allowance of 75 kVA terminated at an isolator.
  • Incoming tenant to select electricity supplier and arrange for metering.
Approx Power W/m2:

500 W/m2 for A3 usage.

Cooling Load Allowance:

127 W/m2.

  • Tenant to install dedicated MVHR unit within retail unit demise.
  • Fresh air intake via shopfront louvres and Yard space. Yard space will be open to atmosphere or be mechanically ventilated via Yard AHU.
  • MVHR exhaust will be to landlord provided common exhaust plenum at back of retail unit at first floor level.
Planning Consent:

A1/ A3/ B1/ D2.

Floor to Ceiling Heights:
  • Ground – 2.85m.
  • Mezzanine Min – 2.00m.
  • Mezzanine Max – 3.70m.